After an absence of over twelve months, Alchemy by Jackson Pollock returns to the Collection where it has been on display since 1949. The exhibition aims at documenting the processes required for the examination, cleaning and conservation of the painting,  together with the [...] Read more >  Pollock's Alchemy rediscovered. At the Guggenheim until April 6th   Inspiring muse of poets, painters and photographers. Precursor of Perfomance and Body Art. Fashion priestess, wore Fortuny, Bakst, Erte', Poiret.    Great collector of Futurist art, possessed works by Boccioni, Balla, De Pero.     [...] Read more >  THE DIVINE MARQUISE AT PALAZZO FORTUNY   Venetian merchants traded far, brought back rare and expensive goods and raw materials of any kind, and, by always  traveling with eyes wide open also acquired, much before other States, many sophisticated technologies and exotic if refined habits. Local artisans added their own [...] Read more >  The timeless pleasures of Venice: perfumes, glass and fashion at Ca' Mocenigo
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